Sunday, October 21, 2012

Limerick Workshop with Joan Digby

On Main Street in old Oyster Bay
We gathered on one autumn day
To write poems that rhyme
And have a fine time
Whiling this Sunday away

Joan Digby teaching
at the Limerick Workshop
Attendees of today's Limerick Workshop at Think Long Island First had a great chance to appreciate the fine art of successful limericks and were lucky to have poet Joan Digby guide them on the quest!

Joan started with an introduction of the anapest and the iamb - the metrical feet applied in a typical limerick. She spoke about the female rhyme so characteristic in the lighter poetry. Guests read their work, Joan commented on the choice of subjects and composition. The event was both highly instructive and highly enjoyable.

Her own limericks summed it all up.

In this workshop you'll write your own limerick
To do this I'll teach you the first trick
Then you'll find a rhyme
For the end of each line
And a Long Island place--that's the gimmick

With your limerick you'll enter a contest
And hope that the judges find yours best
Then you'll get a prize
That is sweet to your eyes
That you'll read at your holiday fest

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