Sunday, October 14, 2012

Indian Summer at Jones Beach, Long Island Poem for Sunday

Boardwalk Infinity
Photograph by Harvey Hellering
Indian Summer at Jones Beach
Maria Manobianco

Soft-brushed brushed
cerulean sky
gulls gliding over water’s edge
shadowless mist
greeting my sight.

An unusual autumn day
filtered sun brightens the boardwalk.
Liquid ground sinks under my feet
rhythmic waves tempt my body.

If I could soar
I would float
on the diffused light
on Monet’s Water Lilies.

October, and already my heart
hungers for the fruits of spring
the color of flowers
the song of the birds.

I deposit this reprieve
in my memory
to withdraw
for the coldest days.

'Indian Summer at Jones Beach' by Maria Manobianco.
Published with author's permission.

Farmingdale poet Maria Manobianco's individual publications include 'Between Ashes and Flame' and 'Young Adult Fable, The Golden Orb'. Her work appears in numerous anthologies. Maria serves as a committee member and archivist for the Nassau County Poet Laureate Society. Her background includes formal education in science and arts.

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