Friday, October 5, 2012

Homeschooler, Skylar Baldino, wins Think Green Award

Think Green Award winner Skylar Baldino
with her winning entry
This year, Think Green Award for an item made with the least environmental impact went to Skylar Baldino, 14 year old homeschooler from Elmont, NY.

Skylar made the winning piece, the one room doll house, entirely from recycled materials. It was created as a summer project organized by one of the homeschooler moms.

Originally, her design called for an upside down house, but eventually the structure was realized in a more standard fashion, or per Skylar's mild pun - it "came out of the box". For the blue bedroom she used leftover cereal boxes, cardboard, fabrics, puzzle pieces, discarded jewelry chains, tooth paste cap, etc. It was a very involved project and she spent 4 weeks, on and off, putting in together.

Skylar's choice of recycled materials for this and any other art projects was not accidental. She grew up in an eco-consciencious family, where reuse and recycling are standard. Her artistic development is encouraged by her parents who frequently act as her sounding board. Skylar takes basic art classes, enjoys detailed work, and would like to devote more time to clay and graphic animation in the future.

Congratulations, Skylar. Well done!

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