Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Cardinal, Long Island Poem for Sunday

The Cardinal
Patricia Rossi

I beckon you in the early morn to dance upon my bedroom windowsill and just as accordion streaks of radiant light gently awaken my sleepy eyes from a peaceful night of slumber, may my drowsy ears hear your voice, a melodious proclamation that a new day has graciously been bestowed upon me.

And just when your symphonic chirps grace the final stanza of your jubilant morning song, I will lift my head and heart to the heavens, join my hands in solemn prayer and humbly request that my path be laden with plentiful sightings of you today….everyday.

Spring…On a quiet evening, may I be so blessed as to capture a glimpse of you as you gracefully flutter in a field bursting with pink wildflowers, just as the sun begins its amber descent.

Summer… In mid-afternoon when a threatening sky suddenly prevails and a harsh rain temporarily begins to fall upon us, may I find you precariously tucked in a hydrangea tree, sheltered from the pounding precipitation by its purple hued floral spheres.

Late Fall… May my eyes behold you resting upon a weathered flower box packed with vibrant autumn colors….Amongst the burnt orange and bright yellow petals there you are…. donned in a dangling ivy vine, faded to the palest of sage greens by the warmth of summer days gone by.

And deep in Winter… when I am indeed blinded by whiteness, miraculously I see you, majestically perched on a snow blanketed branch.

Indeed, you are more than a red feathered cloaked Christmas beauty.

Truly you are as brilliant in color, as you are in meaning.

You evoke the spirit and the destiny of the loved ones I have lost.

For the world is now theirs, un-tethered souls, free to soar and able to triumphantly rejoice, as they make their presence known to me each and every day……….through you.

'The Cardinal' by Patricia Rossi. Included in Stocking Stuffers / seasonal and holiday poems by Prehensile Pencil Publications. For purchase at Think Long Island First.
Published with author's permission.

Patricia introduced herself: "I am an attorney by trade, but my true passion is writing. A number of my personal essays have been published. I have dabbled in the arts, love creating collages. I have done some grant writing and actually have been awarded grants from NYS. I utilized the funds to create art classes and poetry appreciation for children grades 1-4 in lower income areas of Nassau County. It has been quite rewarding. The funds have run out, but with the assistance of the Freeport Memorial Library I keep the program running. I also currently teach creative writing workshops to cancer survivors and teens."

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