Sunday, December 9, 2012

Feast, Long Island Poem for Chanukah Sunday

There are many ways to celebrate the approaching holidays and our melting pot era favors these and more - you may deck the halls and a Christmas tree (so Dickensian yet originated in late 15th century Germany), light up 9 menorah candles (since 2nd century BCE), erect a Festivus pole (in popular culture since 1997), hang a bunch of mistletoe to kiss under (first documented in 16th century England), share fresh Kwanzaa fruit (since 1966), mark winter solstice (since Neolithic times).

Polish tradition has it that animals speak in human voices on Christmas Eve. What would cats under the care of poet Joan Digby tell us?

Joan Dibgy

Photo by Joan Digby
Today I fed the cats
on sturgeon

It's Chanukah
and who knows
but in the colony
there lurks
a Jewish feline
yet longing for food
that strongly smells
of the old country

'Feast' by Joan Digby. Included in Stocking Stuffers / seasonal and holiday poems by Prehensile Pencil Publications. For purchase at Think Long Island First.
Published with author's permission.

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