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Sharon LaMonica, jewelry infused with spirit

Sharon LaMonica
Sharon LaMonica, West Hempstead, NY, started her jewelry making, like many of her projects, out of need. Whenever she was not able to find what she was looking for, she just made it. This is how her dream wedding dress came to being - Sharon first found an A-Line champagne dress, then a designer who applied caramel color organza over it. Walls of her house are painted with off the shelf colors to which Sharon adds extra colors and touches. It took her no time to construct a house for her cats out of simple household items.

Necklace by Sharon LaMonica
This pattern continues. Though in high school, privately, and then at Suffolk Community College she had taken some painting and sculpture classes with their usual mix of training in color, shape and composition, in matters of jewelry making Sharon is entirely self-taught.

She experiments a lot with the designs she imagines. She looks for books and online tutorials to figure out techniques and materials, but usually does not end up following instructions there, she prefers to find a way that works better for her. After she finalizes a design she sets up a small production line and tries to finish a project in one go otherwise she, by her own admission, gets bored.
Earrings and necklace by Sharon LaMonica

Her earlier professional life evolved around jewelry but not on the artistically creative side. Sharon worked as merchandising expert for a number of companies providing jewelry to large department stores. Her work involved creating jewelry lines. It also involved a lot of travel to overseas factories, where she had witnessed first hand the conditions under which jewelry mass production happened, an experience she will never forget.
Bracelets by Sharon LaMonica

Bracelet by Sharon LaMonica
In search of a relief from her very stressful job, she looked for art therapy classes. She discovered a whole new world; it led her on a path of discovery. She got acquainted with crystals, stones, and learned about their properties. They spoke to her. She became a more spiritual, more attuned person. She has eventually entered a program in Feng Shui and now carries a certification in it. She provides Feng Shui consultations upon request.

Bracelet by Sharon LaMonica
Sharon creates bracelets, necklaces, lariats, earrings of silver, gold, brass (her personal favorite), stones and beads, among others. Hanging crystals sparkle in the sun. Colorful silk thread adds a right touch of color to longer pieces. Leather looks sharp combined with metal string in mesh bracelets.

Bracelet by Sharon LaMonica
Some of her jewelry making is particularly significant to her. She was able to reproduce her grandmother's lost ring, a gift from her husband. It was extremely rewarding to everybody involved in the process, Sharon's grandmother hold a special place in Sharon's heart.
Lariat by Sharon LaMonica

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