Sunday, August 26, 2012

"How he will ever get along without her", Long Island Poem for the first day of school Sunday

Training Lessons II
by Yvonne Dagger
First Day of School
Roberta A. McQueen

Hurry up and go
the school bus is coming
can't be late for his first day
wearing a brand new
athletic jacket and
matching sport pants
hair cut in the style
most boys have today
heading off to school
holding his mom's hand
tightly as he sees
his friend from next door
tearing away with a whoop
of sheer delight
his mother stands alone
brushing away tears
wondering how he will
ever get along without her

First Day of School by Roberta A. McQueen.
Published with author's permission.

Writer and educator Roberta A. McQueen's poems appeared in various poetry publications and were promoted by magazines of local interest.

Lyrical subject's "brushing away tears" aside, Roberta commented: "As a teacher, I noticed that most boys were more independent than their mom's gave them credit for."

Best of luck to all boys and girls (and their mothers!) embarking on the exciting, new path!

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