Monday, February 28, 2011

Wood carving by Don Dailey

Photo by Ewa Rumprecht
Don Dailey's carving adventure started with his obsession with Rock and Roll - his first carvings were of electric guitars. It seems quite common for creative folks to develop interests in many branches of art. His involvement with music continued. Don, a composer, Emmy award winner for music for All My Children, creator of a meditation CD Inner Aura (with his long-time friend M.B. Gordy), is still frequently engaged in music post-production.

Photo by Ewa Rumprecht
In his professional life of a cabinet maker he became well acquainted with wood and its qualities. A subscription to Fine Woodworking magazine opened his eyes to other creative uses of wood. He experimented with wood sculpture by so called woodworm method, he drilled random holes in a chunk of wood and then discovered where wood would take him.

As a scout master of a local troop in Huntington he teaches scouts to carve safely. As a demonstration, he frequently makes neckerchief slides for the scouts, the hand grenade shaped one never fails to amuse.

Photo by Ewa Rumprecht
Don creates various figurines like the wizard displayed in the photo on the left. Our store carries his Santas and other Christmas ornaments in season and we currently display his gnomes and birds.

Don carves in basswood and except for the rough work uses mostly hand tools. He strives to have his carving come off the tool. Sharp tools are his mantra.

Don's output increased greatly since he built himself a portable working table allowing him to carve outside his workshop. He now carves while he watches tv or relaxes on his porch on a summer evening.

Don started a blog The Sunday Woodcarver where he describes his creative process, tools, and techniques. He will be one of the instructors at the Introduction to Wood Carving event at the store on Saturday, March 12th, between 10 am and 12:30 pm.


  1. Way to go Don! Love your work!

    Gene Sicard

  2. Don,
    We followed your link from HCS and find your work to be great! You are a man of many talents.

    Marijke & Jim

  3. His miniature wood carvings show exquisite details.