Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank you All for a great Artist Appreciation Day

Dear Guests at Artist Appreciation Day!

Thank you very much for finding time in your busy schedules to spend the Artist Appreciation Day with us in Oyster Bay!

It was a wonderful experience to see so many artists, craftsmen, writers, chefs, and guests under the same roof - meeting, admiring their work, and exchanging ideas. We are very grateful to All for making this such a memorable event!

Few photos from the event. Apologies for not catching everybody present.

Thank you to Buckingham Variety Store for helping us host the event and for offering discounts to our customers. Our gratitude to Isaac Kremer of Oyster Bay Main Street Association for devoting his free time to the tour of town and to Raynham Hall Museum and Oyster Bay Railroad Museum for welcoming our guests. Big thanks to The Chocolate Lady for keeping our guests happy with chocolate and to local restaurants - Canterbury's Oyster Bar & Grill, Cafe al Dente, Jack Halyards, and Old Homestead for coming forward with generous coupons on their meals. 


  1. A fantastic afternoon charged with LOTS of artistic energy. I enjoyed meeting many of the talented Long Island artists who share my passion for creating beautiful things. Thank you for providing us all with a place to showcase our work and thank you Ewa and Yolanta for hosting such an inspiring event!

  2. It was our pleasure!

    Thanks for the cookies, it was such a nice touch.