Sunday, February 24, 2013

Paumanok, Long Island Poem for Sunday in more ways than one

This poem by Linda Trott Dickman reflects Long Island in more ways than one, it is shaped like it.

after Mardsen Hartley
Linda Trott Dickman

south east
of the bulk,
too close to the lure,
a fish separated
from the school there trod
the good gray poet
trailing through leaves
of grass leaving large
impressions a goodly way to follow
the child chased
the tides, sucked the salt from her hair
was snatched from the jaws
of undertow by her hero.
she learned to drape herself, like a jig,
feathers catching
more than light. a kaleidoscope for a lens,
she explored houses of light, learned
the strokes, the songs.
shores frilled like a collar
of green in scrub pine, beach plum
at the north, sandy marsh for a hem.
reeds, the wind section
of the rolling
music of the sea, the pines
singing high
over the storms
rivers wound their way
from headwaters to mouths
showing the riches
of their banks
from the wounds
of the greedy
her from
pectoral            fin
to                           pelvic
gasping                                          for
air                                     still.

'Paumanok' by Linda Trott Dickman.
Published with author's permission.

Linda introduced herself: "Linda Trott Dickman has been making poetry since her early days at sleep away camp. She grew up here on Long Island and is a school librarian who has just earned her MFA from Adelphi University. This poem was born in a workshop in Maine with poet Kathleen Ellis. Our subject?  Island Poetry."

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