Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sandy Poems, Long Island Poem for Sunday

Storm Sandy, damaging and disruptive as it was, inspired poets to write about their experiences during or after the storm. We have already published poem 'Sandy' by Barbara Novack and 'The Wake Of The Flood' by Peter V. Dugan. We have more poems to bring to you:

In Sandy's Wake

Patti Tana

Strong winds thicken the air
with the fury of leaves ––
skeletal branches become spears

we ride out the storm together in the dark
the dog between us quaking

morning reveals a hundred-foot tulip tree
fallen across the Japanese garden
sparing the red bridge and our home

you take the guitar in your arms
& make the wood sing "Amazing Grace."

'In Sandy's Wake' by Patti Tana of Locust Valley.
Published with author's permission.


Karen Jakubowski

Flicker of candlelight
my only heat, but
not my only warmth.

Why does it take
natural disaster to bring love?

Long Island is somber.
We have been warned by Sandy.
Humbled by a hurricane.

Men in yellow trucks
swarm like bees.
Flitter to each yard,
each devastation.
They come with gloved bulk, and
We watch our lives being carted away.

I pass military vehicles
in my neighborhood.
It has become a community.

We are stoic and proud.
Stand in streets sharing losses.
Few tears are shed.
We are lost souls
trying to salvage what is left
our homes, our memories, our lives.

It is so much more
Than replacing a favorite
sweater or waterlogged book,
more than a landscape destroyed.
We are base.
Our basic needs
now the root of thought.
No heat, no power,
for some no shelter or food

We huddle together.
We pray.
We wait.
Aid please come

'Community' by Karen Jakubowski of Massapequa.
Published with author's permission.


Marc Rosen

A woman comes into the FEMA site
Speaks with the staffers,
Then comes into the room I'm in, to the left

A screening room, with comfy seats, the local news on TV,
And most importantly, a giant pile of clothes,
All over the stage up at the front!

We exchange words, and she asks:
“What's all this clothing for?”

A Red Cross volunteer asks if she needs anything
In these times, with a nor'easter approaching,
And the woman herself underdressed for the temperatures,
Warm clothing for her and her daughter is clearly called for

The young mother hesitates, stubborn pride telling her to balk.
She's fine!  Save the clothing for someone who really needs it!
Her protests fall on the deaf ears of her new-found personal shoppers

Red Cross and FEMA ask about what she'd like,
Tell her how great she'll look in this coat,
Help her fill a giant storage bag
With the yield of her free shopping spree

Tears of joy stream down her eyes
After enduring silence and indifference from agencies, her daughter's school, doctors,
She finally laughs;  She finally smiles

Clothes damaged in the rains, replaced with new
Needs neglected for lack of shelter and warmth, met
For this family, it won't be as cold a winter as it seemed

'Untitled' by Marc Rosen of Glen Cove.
Published with author's permission.

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