Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Old Farmer, Long Island Poem for Sunday

The Garden of Earth
Poems and Illustrations
by K. Naomi Hann.
Detail of book cover.
The Old Farmer
by K. Naomi Hann

transplanted himself from Italy
into the 50 x 70 down street here
thought he still owned a farm, he did,
chasing chickens, rabbits, pigeons
around the bare yard
watering their droppings
with his eternal hose
mumbling and spitting
as he worked the hoe
through expanding lettuce,
basil, cukes, tomatoes,
voluptuous squash draped
over laden peach and fig trees

the neighborhood's
jolly green giant

transplanted his earth thumb,
he did,
taught that garden Italian

The Old Farmer by K. Naomi Hann from The Garden of Earth, published by THE STUDIO. We carry this publication at the store.
Posted with author's permission.

K. Naomi Hann lives in Amityville, NY. Her book includes the following information about her: "K. Naomi Hann was born in England in 1927, where she lived happily until WWII broke out in 1939. With the threat of invasion in 1940, her parents decided to evacuate her to the United States with her sister and cousin along with 500 other children on the HMS Samaria. It was a miraculous crossing considering that two other boatloads of children were tragically sunk on their way over, as was Samaria later in the war."

"After landing in New York, the children were sent to the Home for Little Wanderers in Boston, Massachusetts, from where they were billeted out to families for the duration. K. Naomi attended high school in Newton, Massachusetts, and after graduating pursued her education at various universities in London and New York, becoming a musician, registered nurse, and teacher of English, her lifelong profession. Writing has been a constant interest, and she now also works in organic gardening, wildlife preservation, activism, music and art."

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