Thursday, December 9, 2010

Think Long Island First on local TV

We have been graced with media attention in the recent days. We want to share that with you.

News 12 anchor, Carol Silva, wanted to present gifts carried by Think Long Island First in her seasonal Gift Guide for the holidays.

We were asked to provide five representative items out of the great selection of arts, crafts, food, candles, etc, we had in store. Not an easy task, we assure you.

When Carol came to the store to pick up the items she was so impressed with the wonderful things we carried she kept on selecting more and more items to present. She loved hearing about the people behind the gifts.

If you have problems viewing this clip online, this link will take you to the Long Island Gift Guide 2010 on News 12.

Waldo Cabrera, president / anchor / director at My Long Island TV,, interviewed us and filmed our store a few weeks back.

Even though we talk about our mission to anybody who stands still longer than few seconds, it was exciting to present Think Long Island First on camera. We were very grateful to Waldo for filming the store and for interviewing our customers.

If you have problems viewing the clip here, this link will take you to the Think Long Island First video on

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